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Kashka Walker

Kashka Walker’s healing journey started in her early 20s, marked by recurring episodes of trauma. The experience left her perplexed, as she questioned whether life’s purpose revolved solely around pain. Each instance of pain brought forth shame, humiliation, and a profound sense of brokenness, reducing her individual experience to a mere shell of herself without a meaningful existence.

Motivated to find meaning, Kashka embarked on a quest to explore various “ways of life” in order to grasp the concept of purpose. She delved into religious practices, spirituality, and even attempted to comprehend the realms of quantum physics and energy. Eventually, she developed a deep fascination with psychology, recognizing it as the key to unlocking understanding in other domains. Initially, Kashka employed psychology as a defense mechanism, subjecting everyone to her own diagnoses until proven innocent. It was during this period of pathologist behavior that she found herself repeatedly diagnosing her own mental state.

However, Kashka soon realized that each individual carries their own diagnosis, with its origins rooted in a blend of childhood indoctrination, conditioning, and of course, trauma. Determined to heal her own diagnosis and mental well-being, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery that opened countless doors to healing.

In her sessions with clients, Kashka employs a unique and customized formula tailored to each person’s present reality. She guides her clients to first reflect on the reflection staring back at them in the mirror. Through a process of heightened awareness and rewiring of perceptions, she assists them in shattering these self-imposed barriers. Together, they delve into an analysis of their wounds, with Kashka guiding them inward to connect with their inner voice. She empowers them to recognize their own authority in self-healing and ultimately reveals their true selves and guides them toward their purpose.

Carl Jung coined the term “Wounded Healer,” positing that the remedy lies within the wound itself. Kashka, too, believes in the profound interplay between pain and purpose, viewing them as a beautiful paradox. By embracing pain and looking beyond its surface, it becomes a transformative teacher, unveiling one’s true identity and the reasons for their existence.

If you have read this far and are ready to embark on a journey of personal transformation, Kashka warmly invites you to book a session with her.

May peace and love accompany you on your path.


I’ve always been very intrigued in my spiritual journey, I decided to meet with Kashka for guidance. In the beginning she asked me about my background so that she would be able to communicate with me in a way I could fully understand. She met me as deep as I had met myself. I was able to ask questions & feel 100% comfortable in her presence. She gave me advice without overstepping or playing guessing games, she was open to everything I had to say.  Speaking to Kashka really helped me learn more about how to create the life I yearned for. How to detach from my thoughts & become more myself.

Erin-Leigh Rose

This woman entered my life unannounced and has literally changed everything I thought I knew. She has enabled me to be happy, stress free and most importantly I am on a journey to self awareness. She showed me that rather than looking out, we should all be looking inward. All the answers you need will be right there waiting for you.  It’s crazy to believe how easy life can become if you just change your mindset and believe everything is the way it is meant to be.

I will forever be grateful to Kashka for opening my mind.


I visited Kashka a month ago after my whole world was turned upside down – I was feeling stuck and although in therapy I wanted more. After our initial meeting I drove home feeling at complete peace and a sense of calm. I gained so much knowledge and was left with many tools to use and practice in my daily life.


Kashka Walker Cover

From Barren to Bold

Unleashing the Transformative Power of Infertility


Kashka Walker is a woman on a mission to change the way people think about infertility. A statistic that 1 in 4 people struggle with infertility, she is one of them, having been diagnosed with Mayer Rokitansky Küster Hauser Syndrome (MRKH), a condition characterized by the absence of a womb and varying degrees of additional defects. Despite the crushing disappointment of being told she wouldn’t be able to have children, Kashka has channelled her energy into helping others who find themselves in a similar situation. In her book, “Purpose Beyond Infertility,” she shares her personal journey of attempting conception, the heartache of failed attempts, and how that failure ultimately led her to discover a new sense of purpose in life.

Through her writing, Kashka seeks to redefine the meaning of infertility and to help others find meaning and purpose in their own lives. She recognizes that while the dream of having children is a fundamental aspect of existence, there is still much more to life beyond that, and she wants to show others that they too can find happiness and fulfilment in new ways.

For anyone who has faced the disappointment of infertility, Kashka’s book is a beacon of hope, offering a roadmap to acceptance and a new purpose in life. So, grab her hand, and let her be your guide on a journey to the other side of pain.

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